Custom Fonts with Size Control

Stills has built-in Google fonts integration (the library now has over 800 fonts completely free of charge), enables using the so-called “web safe fonts” and has a free custom font bundled with the theme.

Not all fonts were created equally-sized. With this theme you won’t have to worry about that — thanks to size adjustment.

The best thing about Stills typography controls is that you can actually tweak the size of each font. This is crucial as fonts can be dramatically different in size. E.g. Helvetica and Times appear very different at 18px nominal size. With Stills, you can adjust the size of all the texts that use a given font, making them smaller or bigger. Basically, that means that you won’t have to reject the font you like simply because it appears too big or too small on the website.

Here is how this theme’s robust font controls look in the Admin Panel:

Placeholder image

There are other interesting features in this theme, like customizable colors.